Our Greatest Beneficiary

Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA
Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA

The Boston Medical Center is currently the single largest recipient of Boredom Busters’ funding. The BMC is a private, not-for-profit, academic medical center and is the largest and busiest safety net hospital in New England. Working closely with the Boston Medical Center’s Development Office and Child Life staff, the Boredom Busters team supports the hospital’s mission of providing “exceptional care, without exception.”

Life Enrichment for Hospitalized Kids

Since 2010, Boredom Busters has been the source of funds for the BMC’s pediatric in-hospital entertainment expenses. Over the years, Boredom Busters has worked hard to improve the quality of each pediatric patient’s in-hospital experience. We believe that a happy child has a better chance of being a healthy child.

Crayons and Bubbles Program

Boredom Busters ensures that the Boston Medical Center has a constant supply of crayons and bubbles. While the 4-pack of crayons is also a gift for the child to take home, the crayons often aid communication between the patients and social work staff, especially with patients who may be reluctant or unable to verbally communicate. Each pediatric patient also has access to blowing bubbles. Doctors, nurses, and staff have acknowledged the blowing bubbles effectiveness in keeping the younger patients’ attention and in assisting with respiratory examinations.

“Having crayons to hand out to each patient and sibling allows kids to feel more comfortable in what can be an intimidating environment.”

-Child Life Specialist, BMC

Birthday Gift Program

Boredom Busters does not want any kid celebrating their birthday in the hospital. However, when this does occur at the Boston Medical Center, there are toys and games available to give the birthday boy or girl a gift to take home with them. Many pediatric patients who have chronic conditions return regularly for treatment–some of whom have even memorized the game and prize selection in the storage closet. For those that return often and stay the longest, Boredom Busters makes sure that birthdays are unforgettable–even if they have to be spent at the BMC.

“Being in the hospital on their birthday is the last thing our patients want. Receiving a present from the Boredom Busters birthday program perks them up, and this attitude shift often helps them get better faster!”

-Child Life Specialist, BMC

Capital and Special Projects

Boredom Busters has worked with Boston Medical Center’s Facilities Department, Development Office and Child Life team to design and complete numerous capital improvement projects. Each one has focused on enhancing the pediatric patients’ quality of life, quality of surroundings, and sometimes simply replacing broken and outdated technology.

Children’s Book Mural Painting Project

“Boredom Busters support has allowed us to update our electronic entertainment options. These resources allow us to engage children with activities that are familiar to them. They also give Child Life staff tools to use as diversion during potentially uncomfortable procedures, making the process smoother and less distressing to children.”

-Child Life Specialist, BMC

A few highlighted projects can be found below.