Festive Fun at the Ugly Sweater Party!

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Blinking lights, festive drinks, and photos with Santa were just a few of the highlights at our Ugly Sweater Party last week! Last Wednesday we had a wonderful time fundraising for our mission and our charitable programs including this year’s Boston Medical Center’s pediatric party, Play it Forward, and other programs, in festive but poor fashion.

The party was held at LIR on Boylston Street in the center of Downtown Boston. Upon arrival our attendees signed our “guest book” using their own thumbprint to create a strand of holiday lights – how neat!

Boredom Buster's Ugly Sweater Guest Sheet

We kicked off the party with some delicious food and appetizers provided by LIR and continued with drinks from the bar while listening to our favorite Christmas and holiday tunes. All guests enjoyed themselves, while knowing they were fundraising for an even bigger gift-Boredom Buster’s Holiday Party for the pediatric patients at BMC. The biggest highlight of the night was the photo session with Santa and an award ceremony for the Ugly Sweater Contest! We’ve shared the photos with Santa in an album on our Facebook so please don’t hesitate to tag yourselves and share!

We awarded sweaters by classic categories such as “Ugliest” and “Most Creative” but also outrageous titles like “Most Flammable” and “Rash Inducing” – all presented and judged by Santa himself! Our four winners were very happy and we think the rest of our party was highly entertained by the show of sweaters to say the least.

Ugly Sweater Winners

Boredom Busters would like to thank everyone who attended our first ever Ugly Sweater Party – without you, this event would not have been a success. We’d also like to thank our volunteers who contributed their time and efforts to bring the event together! One final special shoutout to our event photographer, Mao Otsuki, for taking such amazing photos that helped capture the energy and fun we had!

For those of you who were unable to make it don’t forget to check back for our upcoming events – in fact we’re planning our famous Purple Party for spring of 2018 – stay tuned or asked to be added to our mailing list!

Happy Holidays from the team at Boredom Busters! Thank you so much for contributing to our cause.