Can you match a first grader?

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Fellow Boredom Busters,

You may have seen the post that (almost) broke the internet last week. Hailing from the Lonestar star state, where bigger is better, we introduced our new friend Riley:

Riley Photo

She’s a first grader living in the Dallas area. While she isn’t supersized, her heart certainly is! When her classmate broke their arm and showed up at school in a cast, Riley had a different reaction when everyone else was reaching for the Sharpies. She heard from her friend first-hand about how the hospital is boring and decided to grow and then donate her life savings to the cause! Watch our video because she says it best!

What we are asking is that you open up your hearts and your wallets and help us amplify Riley’s amazing efforts. While Riley has pledged 100% of her net worth to this cause and the likes of Warren Buffett and other billionaires have pledged over 50% of theirs to philanthropic causes, we are only asking you to give what you can spare this week during our campaign. The equivalent of a couple cups of coffee all the way up to an extravagant night out on the town will go a long way down in Texas when Riley goes on her shopping spree for Parkland Memorial Hospital.

Thank you!
Riley and the Boredom Busters Team